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  • Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce

    Executive Director

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  • Deb Fane

    Office Administrator

    I started my career in Accounting and Customer Service at Woods Equipment Co. in 1973 and chose an early retirement in 2017. My husband Tom and I love to travel…

  • Chris Chapman


    Programs & Services Committee

    I grew to love small towns from growing up in one myself. Small towns are the backbone of our great country. We relocated to the Oregon area 5 years ago…

  • Neal R. Trainor

    Vice President

    Finance & Facilities Committee

    I have a BA in History and Education from Loras College in Dubuque Iowa and received my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Illinois University.  I am a retired…

  • Rob Gieraltowski


    Personnel Committee

    Rob serves as the executive director for Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC) which is a year-round retreat center with over 600 acres here in Oregon. In his role at LOMC,…

  • Roger Castle


    Finance and Facilities Committee


  • Chloe Gale

    Programs & Services Committee

    Chloe Metz is an Oregon native. She graduated from OHS in 2013, and received her Bachelors in Science from Augustana College in 2017 with a degree in Business Management and…

  • Jeff Bold

    Personnel Committee

    Jeff has a BS in communications / Fine Arts Photography from Southern Illinois University, and an A.A. in Liberal Arts / Art Emphasis from Rock Vally College. Retired from 4o…

  • John VonTish

    Personnel Committee

    After I retired we moved to Oregon and purchased the childhood home of my wife, Mary Priller. Mary and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in April and my relationship with…

  • Merlin Hagemann

    Finance and Facilities Committee & Nominating Committee


  • Rebecca Hazzard

    Programs and Services Committee & Nominating Committee

    Graduated from Oregon High School and is the managing broker and owner of Re/Max of Rock Vally and Rock River Title. She loves to travel with her family and spend…

  • Robert E. Coulter

    Personnel Committee

    Robert E Coulter was born on June 22nd, 1947. He earned his Associates of Applied Sciences from Kishwaukee College, and instructed there for 3 years. Mr. Coulter served in the…

  • Terry Schuster

    Finance and Facilities Committee & Nominating Committee

    I have lived in Oregon for 27 years and am proud to call this home.  I spent 20+ years in Oregon and other Ogle County Schools working with struggling learners.…

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