Nestled on the banks of the scenic Rock River, there lies a small Illinois town that welcomes its residents and visitors to Uncover Oregon.

Our land’s deep history and scenery earned the town its name “Oregon” which translates to “River of the West” by the Potawatomi and Winnebago Indian Tribes.

Oregon’s roots are captured today with one of its most prized landmarks- the ‘Blackhawk Statue”- which overlooks the Rock River Valley just north of our charming town. Originally named The Eternal Indian, Black Hawk Statue is dedicated to the chief of the Sauk Indian tribe and connects Oregon not only to the Indian Tribes that founded our land but also to the scenic landscape that our area surrounds.

Today, Oregon area has taken on a new life. Our outdoor recreation, arts, festivals, and unique local businesses captivate a small piece of what makes the Oregon Area inviting for everyone. While embracing our small town charm and unique history, the people of Oregon pride themselves on creating a welcoming, inclusive, and thriving future as the heart of our surrounding area.