Bike Ogle – Byron / Nuclear Loop

24 Miles

Largely flat and fast. A nice little morning or afternoon ride. Spectacular views and rest stops along the Rock River. State highway 2 provides very wide shoulders which often used by cyclists between Oregon and Byron.

Side trip to the Byron Forest Preserve is a steep climb, but you are rewarded with a great view and award winning interpretive center. The ride finishes along flat and fast country roads which pass just next to the nuclear plant cooling towers; an awesome sight. A couple of short side trips near the end of this loop can take you to the Black Hawk Statue at Lowden State Park as well as Oregon Park East along the river spillway.

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Oregon currently has 4 Warmshower hosts for cyclists traveling long distances and looking for friendly accommodations.  Be sure to check them out if you are passing near the area on a long ride…   Learn more about this hospitality exchange for touring cyclists at: