Preparing For The Unplanned: Postponed

Join the Ogle County Chamber Coalition at The Jarrett Prairie Center on April 22nd at 3:00 pm for our next workshop: “Preparing For The Unplanned.” You can get your tickets online by clicking to your right where it says “visit website.”

Emergencies Happen! Are you confident your organization has an effective strategy in place to protect your people and possessions in an emergency what ever the cause. Do your employees know the steps to take should an unfortunate event occur?

Unfortunately natural and man-created disasters are something we don’t have control over but businesses need to know the emergency measures to take should a tornado, earthquake, fire, nuclear explosion or other similar situation occur. In addition, businesses need to have a risk management strategy in place to protect your people and your place of business in the event of an intruder, robbery, active shooter, or other acts of violence.

This workshop will help you:
*Identify potential risks to your business
*Learn about resources available through the Ogle County Emergency Services Office
*Develop skills to protect your personal safety in the event you are faced with an active shooter or other threatening situations
*Provide you with tools and tips to create a risk management strategy for your business

Workshop Presenters:
Tom Richter, Director of Ogle County Emergency Services
Todd Murray, Chief of Byron Police Department


Jarrett Prairie Center
7993 N River Rd
Byron, IL



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